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can you make hot chocolate in a Keurig coffee maker?

can you make hot chocolate in a Keurig coffee maker?

Q : i want to make hot chocolate in a keurig but i cannot find the hot chocolate k cups anywhere but i have the little my k-cup thing that you use to make tea and coffee in do you think it would work with hot chocolate powder?
A : yes

Hot Chocolate made with Keurig Brewer is watered-down?

Q : We have a Keurig B40 Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System, and it makes very good, strong coffee and tea. But when we use the hot chocolate packs, the hot chocolate tastes very watered-down, and it just doesn't taste very chocolately.

Is this normal? Are we doing something wrong or is there a different setting for hot chocolate that we are missing?

Thanks for the help, we appreciate it.
A : Make sure you have your Keurig set for the 8oz cup size (aka 7.25oz). Most people keep their Keurig set for the 10 oz cup which is a mug size. Also, be sure to shake the K-Cup before inserting it into the K-Cup slot.

By the way... The place I work in sells Gloria Jean's and Green Mountain hot cocoa K-Cups. We sell far more of the Green Mountain K-Cups than we do the Gloria Jean's. So I'm assuming Green Mountain has a more pronounced flavour. K-Cups in Hot Cocoa are also made by Bellaccino. But for some reason, we do not stock it. Timothy's also makes hot cocoa K-cups, in White Chocolate flavour.

Can I make hot chocolate in the " My K-Cup" for Keurig brewers?

Q :
A : If the K-Cup is made of glass the answer is yes. If it's made of plastic, it depends on how you make your hot chocolate. If you heat the milk in a pan and pour it into the cup, you can probably do it, depending on what sort of plastic it is and how thick.

Can I put milk in my Keurig Coffee maker without hurting it? It would make better hot chocolate.?

Q :
A : milk appears curdled if it gets too hot. It does not spoil but sure looks like it is.
I wouldn't put milk in there at all. Heated milk also leaves a film that is hard to remove.

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