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coffee solution

What is the coffee to water ratio for a Chemex coffee maker?

What is the coffee to water ratio for a Chemex coffee maker?

Q : Does it matter how much water I put in? Or as long as its half way?
A : It depends on how strong you want your coffee to be. I put half a cup of coffee for every 2 cups of water on my Capresso coffee maker. But you can always add some more. You can check for more features here:

What is coffee creamer such as International Delight? How is it used? like how much do u put in 1 cup?

Q : Do I still need to use sugar if i already used creamer?
A : A creamer is basically a milk/dairy product that cuts through the intensity of coffee and, depending on the product, adds its own subtle flavour to the drink. If you use plain cream, milk or half and half, you may want to add sugar to the drink, depending on your preferences. If you're using a sweetened creamer like International Delight, you don't have to add sugar, but you can if you like -- once again, it depends on your preferences.

I suggest that you start off with a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of unsweetened milk/cream, or simply a tablespoon of sweetened creamer in your coffee. Then, adjust the quantities -- more or less -- until you find something that tastes good.

If you're serving it, don't premix it for people: leave the cream and sugar out, along with some spoons or stir sticks, and let people mix it for themselves.

What is in coffee that makes you go to the bathroom?

Q : Could it be the caffine? If thats the case then why doesn't soda or tea make you go poop like coffee does? What is in it that makes you want to go right away?
A : Same thing happens to me. Coffee is a natural diuretic.

From Wikipedia

Coffee is also a powerful stimulant for peristalsis and is sometimes considered to prevent constipation; it is also a diuretic. However, coffee can also cause loose bowel movements.

Practitioners in alternative medicine often recommend coffee enemas for "cleansing of the colon" due to its stimulus of peristalsis, although mainstream medicine has not proved any benefits of the practice.

What is the coffee bean sign on the ultrasound?

Q : I asked my doctor if I was having a boy or girl during my ultrasound and he said he saw a coffee bean sign. Has anyone ever heard of this?
A : it looks like it means a few things. i have found The "coffee bean" sign in periappendiceal and peridiverticular abscess
L. Machan, M. S. Pon, B. J. Wood and A. D. Wong

Four cases of right lower quadrant abscess, each a clinical diagnostic dilemma, were recognized as abscesses surrounding a perforated viscus by application of the "coffee bean" sign on sonographic examination. The appearance in the right lower quadrant of a brightly echogenic finger-like projection extending into a cystic mass, with or without scattered internal echoes, should suggest the possibility of periappendiceal or diverticular abscess.

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