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What are the risks of drinking only one cup of coffee per day?

What are the risks of drinking only one cup of coffee per day?

Q : I hear all the cons that come with drinking more than one cup of coffee per day but how about only drinking just one cup in morning everyday? Is there problems with caffeine dependance or any other problems associated with simply drinking only one cup of coffee per day? Please inform me. Thank you.
A : At that level I wouldn't worry about it.

Most studies that show negative health effects from coffee have the subjects consuming a ridiculous amount of coffee each day. The amounts are probably equivalent to drinking 5 gallons of coffee per day!

How often should a fresh pot of coffee be made if you drink coffee all day?

Q : I know I shouldn't but sometimes I need the energy to get things done, so please don't start beating me up. I say every couple of hours to keep it fresh, I can't stand old coffee it has to be fresh. I have a coffee warmer that I sit it on so I don't have to reheat my coffee. I like the quality of it.
I only use skim milk in it and no sugar so sugar isn't a factor here. I see no harm in it. I drink water all day also.
A : I drink it til it's gone and then it's time for another. I'm down to 2 pots a day myself. As long as it's hot I'll drink it all day long. LOL

What are some possible negative health effects from drinking several gallons of coffee per day?

Q : Ever since I started working at home, I have been brewing up five or six 10-cup pots of coffee per day, and drinking them throughout the day. If I work late, I might end up drinking over five gallons of coffee. My average is probably 3.25 to 3.5 gallons of coffee per day.

I only started doing this a few weeks ago; what are some possible negative health effects if I keep this up?

I mean, aside from needing to urinate all the time?
A : Oh my gosh, are you kidding me!?
First of all, this cannot be healthy for your sleep. You really need to be getting 6-8 hours of DEEP sleep and drinking that much coffee will prevent a Deep sleep.
Second, any coffee after 2 pm will inhibite your ability to sleep
Third, Drinking that much coffee is horrible for your stomach. Coffee is acidic and it most definitely wears on the stomach lining. I know of someone who now cna only consume lettuce and one other thing(i forget) due to drinking a pot of coffee every day
Fourth, caffine in coffee is substantially stronger than that of a soda, therefore in large doses, it causes irregular beating of the heart.

There are a lot of benefits of coffee if consumed in smaller amounts. I am an addict but that is excessively unhealthy. Cut back, please

Does a cup of coffee a day make trying to conceive more difficult?

Q : I have heard a lot of caffeine causes infertility, or makes conception harder. I drink literally a small cup each morning, is that a big deal?
A : Hello,

Two potential issues with coffee:
1. Caffeine
2. Acidity

In moderation, many women drink coffee when TTC and have no problems getting pregnant, (think of French and Italian women, for example, with their espressos at the cafe), while other scientific experts are warning you about the dangers of coffee when TTC.

Who do you believe?

Personally, I think coffee in moderation can be acceptable. You can remove caffeine by going to a swiss water process decaf (free of any chemical agents otherwise used to decaffeinate coffee), or mix regular coffee with decaf 50/50.

Coffee is acidic, and acidic drinks can alter your body's (and cervical mucus') pH balance, making it more acidic and less friendly to sperm.

To reduce acid in coffee, try the "cold brewing method" using one of these coffee toddy can see what I mean by visiting

If a cup of coffee brings you joy, then enjoy it. Being relaxed and joyful can increase your conception efforts, while being stressed and anxious can diminish them--so, all things in moderation.

Best of luck in your efforts to conceive.


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