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I need help with my Keurig coffee machine?

I need help with my Keurig coffee machine?

Q : I have been using my Keurig machine making coffee with the K cups for about 7 months. This afternoon, I was in the kitchen, no where near the coffee maker when all of a sudden it started pouring water out of the spout, steaming and making brewing noise. When I opened up the pod holder, the pod that was in there from this morning had burst and there were coffee grounds all over the inside of the pod holder. I unplugged it right away, cleaned it up and now when I plug it in it's dead. No lights, nothing. Did anyone else ever have this happen to them? Any ideas or suggestions?
A : I've had my Keurig for about almost two years now and love it. Double check to see if your machine is plugged into a socket that has a GFI. It sounds like a power surge or something of that nature. If that's the case you need to hit the little red button on the socket. I forget this from time to time!! I've been hoping mine would kick the bucket so I could get the model that brews 3 sizes instead of the one I have that only brews 2. You can also call 1-888-try-gmcr. They are super's where I get my coffee. Good luck and I hope it works by morning!!!!

Can I brew regular coffee with a Keurig machine?

Q : I am planning on buying a Keurig coffee maker but i heard I can brew regular ground coffee that you can get at a grocery store with that machine. Is that true, or can you only use the k-cups? Thanks!
A : Yeah! They make a thing called a "my k-cup". You just put in your own coffee (or tea) and follow the instructions on how to use it.

Where's the water reservoir on the Keurig Coffee machine?

Q : i'm babysitting right now and i want some coffee... but have no idea how to use the keurig one cup coffee machine. I think i'm using the elite one. where the heck is the water reservoir?
A : There are 2 models
1st on the left
2nd on the top...

Anyone who uses a keurig coffee machine?

Q : do you find that coffee tastes better from a keurig than a normal coffee pot? I have both and i have french roast for keurig and french roast in preground form for the coffee pot and the keurig cup tastes sooo much better, why is that?
A : I've found that the more expensive the microwave, the coffee pot, the stove, and the fridge, the better the better the food and drink tastes that is supplied by it. I'm not even friend essentially got a new free refrigerator recently, and I swear even the celery inside tasted delicious. For no good reason, the milk was phenomenal too. I drank almost half a gallon it was so good! lol.

My family uses an ancient BUNN coffee pot. The coffee that comes from it tastes like sewer water. I can literally tell the coffee my machine brews from the stuff my family brews (same coffee brand and everything) by the taste.

Electronics are one thing you should never buy the cheapest of if you can avoid it. Guitars and Basses MUST be top-of-the-line to sound good (Or a very pricey amplifier to balance it out).

So, I would not doubt your Keurig coffee pot makes delicious coffee.

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