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How many cups of coffee does one pound of whole bean coffee make?

How many cups of coffee does one pound of whole bean coffee make?

Q : I am applying to work at Starbucks and one of the perks is that I can take home a 1 lb bag of whole bean coffee a week... how many cups of coffee will that make?
I am applying to work at Starbucks and one of the perks is that I can take home a 1 lb bag of whole bean coffee a week... if i grind that to a super fine (espresso roast grind), how many 6oz. cups of coffee will that make?
A : Depends on how finely your grind your beans, how strongly you brew your coffee and how big you consider a "cup" to be, among other things.

The directions for most coffee makers indicate that 6 oz of water are added for each tablespoon of coffee. That is way, way too weak for me. Nor do I consider 6 oz. a "cup" of coffee, more like half a cup. My usual coffee mug holds 12 oz and my travel mug 16 oz. I use a superfine espresso grind and nearly double brew every pot I make: I like it that way. How you like it will determine what kind of yield you get from your bag of beans. Either way, you win - free coffee is free coffee! You lucky ducky!

Is a tablespoon of whole bean coffee the same amount as a tablespoon of ground coffee?

Q : I just bought a coffee grinder and a French press coffee maker online, and I'm going to use it mainly for single-person serving. My measurement is usually a tablespoon of ground coffee per cup, so if I use a tablespoon of whole bean coffee to grind, will it be the same amount as if I used a tablespoon of ground coffee?
A : Yes, it's like asking if a ton of metal is heavier than a ton of aluminum cans. They both have the same weight/mass which is one ton. In your case, one tablespoon.

Is grinding whole bean coffee in a coffee grinder and example of a chemical change?

Q : This is a question from a practice CSET question and I thought that this was not an example of a chemical change, but they said it was can someone explain
A : Can't see it myself. A chemical change must alter chemical bonds in some way. Some of that will go on when you grind coffee beans, but the primary change is a physical change in particle size.

What is the best whole bean coffee that I can buy?

Q : I like milder breakfast blends. I am willing to order online. Thank you.
A : In my experience ... if you have a small shop near you that roasts their own coffee on the premises ... you are extremely lucky! You can then buy really fresh coffee in very small quantities (as small as a quarter pound) ... and talk to the owners to get the blends that suit you best. You can also taste a cup before you buy.

Unfortunately the nearest coffee roaster that I really like is a 50 mile drive each way through city traffic so I buy prepacked coffee. I have also considered investing my own roasting equipment, but I already have too many hobbies.

The problem with buying even great coffee is keeping it fresh. When green it keeps almost forever, but once roasted it continually loses something. There is lots of advice on how best to store coffee ... but there is nothing like the aroma and taste that comes from the first scoops of beans from a newly opened bag.

I used to buy on-line ... but always felt that it was necessary to buy at least 2 pounds at a time to justify the shipping charges. One example of these are Gevalia's International series. They are excellent coffees, but they prefer their customers to take a subscription and before I knew it I had a freezer full of more coffee than I knew what to do with.

So what do I like to buy now?

I personally like Starbucks coffees ... especially the seasonal items and the Black Apron exclusives. Starbucks does over roast their darker coffees, so I'd stay away from the Bold ones preferring the Medium roasts. I also buy them from the larger Starbucks shops rather than grocery stores. The larger shops are more likely to have the specialty blends and will have fresher product on hand.

I also like Green Mountain coffee (especially the Exotic Origins Series series in brown bags) which I have found at Wild Oats stores so if there is no Wild Oats near you, you might find it at other high end retailers. Green Mountain also sells on-line. They are located in Vermont.

I also prefer Central American coffees to East African or Asian varieties. I think they have more flavor and better acid balance. (Caribbean and pure Kona are great too ... but are usually really expensive.)

Unfortunately for me, my favorite coffee in all the world no longer exists. It was from the Escambray region of Cuba. I bought it in England since Cuban products can't be purchased in the USA. But in September 1998 Hurricane Georges devastated the region destroying over 80% of all the coffee plants from there, and it has never recovered. A tragedy no matter what your politics are.

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