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How do i paint my ikea furniture? Coffee table and dining table plus chairs?

How do i paint my ikea furniture? Coffee table and dining table plus chairs?

Q : Im a girl .. And i dont have any guys around to ask how to paint furniture or what stuff to buy..

I have an IKEA coffee table ( LACK) and an ikea dining table with 4 chairs ( JOKKMOKK)..

ALL PIECES ARE IN THAT UNFINISHED BIRCH EFFECT COLOUR.. Id like to paint them walnut or cherry

Here are the pics and details..

I cant afford to buy new stuff yet so id like some detailed help , step by step on how to paint all these 6 pieces and exactly what stuff to buy and what brand..

( like sandpaper grit , primer brand oil based or other?, paint brand , oil or water or shellac or whatever!, paint brushes or rollers, varnish brand etc?)
Im not afraid of the time it will take or the effort.. But i have absolutely no clue as to what stuff to buy , what brands and how to actually paint!
And as i said , no guys around to ask!
All help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
By step by step details i mean, everything! Like how to sand etc till how to apply the final coat of varnish or paint or whatever!
dear allee k.. thanks for the info.. ill head to ikea itself to get the cherry walnut paint. Should i get oil paint or some other? do i need a primer?..
can you take a look at the attached pics n links and the materials used in the furniture and lemme know if its paintable? Thanks!
A : I did a paint job on an IKEA bookcase several years ago, and yes the bookcase was the unfinished birch color you mentioned. It was fairly easy and I'm a girl too :) So you shouldn't have a problem with this!

The stain (paint) I got was from IKEA too, the stuff that come in the little cans. They come in tons of colors and are pretty cheap, and a little tin goes a long way. You just might need 2 tins for your project.

If you can do this in a garage or other covered-but-well-ventilated area, do that! Paint is stinky!

What I did was cover the floor with newspapers - completely. That way no paint can drip onto my floor and ruin anything. Then I put the furniture on top of it, and just started painting. No need to sand anything, because the wood is unfinished.

Put on at least 3 coats, and give about an hour between each coat. Let dry after the 3rd coat, and check the color - paint tends to lighten once they're dried, so if you need more color, put on another coat if you like.

Once you finish painting, leave the furniture there on top of the newspaper overnight, and if you're not in a garage or shed or another well-ventilaged-but-covered area, open up all the windows so the paint fumes can leave the house.

If you want that shiny finish, get another can of clear sealant / lacquer that you can find at Home Depot or any kind of stores like that. One even coat will do after the colored paint is completely dry, then again, let dry overnight.

Leave me a message if you have any questions, and good luck!

How can I teach myself to like coffee? I need it so bad to stay awake at work! Plus I feel left out..?

Q : everyone else at work drinks it!
A : You can't teach yourself, you either like it or you don't, but if you need an energy boost in the morning, you should try vitamins and take some extra b-12 that should help.

Is coffee plus aspirin a good combination?

Q : Just wanted to know if they had any negative effects
A : Many OTC pain relievers combine caffeine and aspirin or acetaminophen, so there is no problem at all.

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i bought a keurig mini plus and the coffee has a strong chemical smell from the machine. i have tried vinegar?

Q : and running more cups of water through it and it still smell and even clear water smells. anyone have this problem
A : I own a keurig and if that is the case have you tried filtered water if so then take back the machine immediatly

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